Sunday, December 22, 2013

An Updated Favorite and Happy Festivus!

I didn't choose the Christmas Sweater Life;
The Christmas Sweater Life chose me.
So, making a new sweater this year was not really in the stars for me, but speaking of stars, I did have time to throw together that sparkly little tiara. (It's a tiiiiiiiiara!!!! Put it on me, put it on me, put it on me!) The sweater is a remix too, but you've got to admit, those shoulder bows really gave it the punch it was missing. I think it brought new life into the old girl. This is how I dressed for the last day of work of 2013. I felt like it put a nice cap on the year, and affirmed to everyone that I really should have been born in Whoville. I've been slammed and haven't been able to update the blog much this year, but I'm hoping to get out one good post before the season ends. Be on the look out for a third installment of Swingin' Soltice Singles, as it's time for tales of lasting love, all wrapped up in cozy knitwear.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a happy or at least tolerable Festivus tomorrow. Best of luck in the feats of strength! (May the odds be ever in your favor!)

This sweater is Festivus appropriate, but if you can't find a sweater, a puffy shirt will work in a pinch.

Jerry, you look like you've got a grievance to air.
Here's a helpful link to help your Festivus run more smoothly. I'd hate for anyone to have to rain blows upon you!

Happy Festivus to all the rest of us!

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