Monday, May 28, 2012

Long Time No See...

So... it's been a while since I've posted, even longer since I've posted consistently. It's not that I've wanted to leave you hanging, it's that I've been incredibly busy. I've been working away at my job, putting in the extra hours at home to keep up with my rising freelance commitments, and pushing myself through physical therapy (which I finished as of yesterday*!!!!  *I started writing this weeks ago*) I also just got back from the beach and won't be in town long before I'm jetting off again. (My other blog should be telling you all about the amazing year I've had,  but alas, that too has been sorely neglected.) Things do not look to be slowing down anytime soon. If anything, I've got some huge changes that might be just around the corner... good changes, great even! That being said, I don't want to let this blog fall by the wayside. I get such a kick out of it, and now that I actually know how to knit, I feel like I have an extra special attachment to it. So what does that mean? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Basically, it just means I'm still going to post hilariously horrible knitwear and knitwear accessories on a completely unpredictable timeline.

Like these:

Perfect for a first date.

And this. "That's not an accessory!" you might say... but you'd be wrong. You'd be completely wrong. It's a scarf. It's an "I got rolled by some drunken teenage hoodlums" scarf. Perfect for date number 2... er, I mean, a second date.

And that's all for the night, like I said, I JUST got in from the beach, and I need some rest before heading back into the real world tomorrow. I hope everyone had as great a Memorial Day weekend as I did.

Finally, thank a living service man or woman this week for what they do for our country. Do it in remembrance of those men and women we acknowledge today, those who died to ensure the continuation of our freedoms. The best we can do to honor those already gone is to support those who remain, and who willingly risk their lives in our stead.