Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day in The...

All those years I trusted you!

I never knew he lived on Elm Street! Seriously though, the Freddy Krueger sweater is an iconic image of both knitwear and horror. You see those red and green stripes and you instantly know that you're about to die...or that you're at least about to suffer through some horrible puns.

And, like all iconic things, it ends up being a costume for your pet. Don't believe me? Listen, nothing is sacred. Not even Jackie O...not. even. Jackie.O. 

But, back to the main theme...

Awww! So cuddly, so adorable, so full of murderous rage! The great thing about Krueger Kat is that he doesn't even need the little leather knife glove. He's naturally gifted with tiny slashing claws! Still, I feel this isn't the right cat for the job...

Yeah, there we go. Just imagine waking up with this precious lamb yowling good morning in your face. I'm sure he's best friends with this guy.

Of course, it doesn't stop with pets.

As Kim Kardashian up there tells us, there is no costume out there that cannot be 'sexified.'

"Hmm, you know, like, I'd like to like go as like, something like scary, but well, like, I just don't like, know what! Ooo! A like, sexy Freddy Krueger sweater dress thing! It's like, perfect! Nothing's like hotter than a serial killing burn victim! ...Like."

Sweater? I only just met 'er!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Scarves.

It's October! Which means (perhaps I should say witch means,) Halloween! Now, I like for Halloween to encompass the entire span of the month, not just the last day. I love, love, love All Hallows Eve-simply because it gives me the excuse to treat my inner child to a month long session of playing dress-up, carving pumpkins, and embracing all things spooky.  It really is one of the best holidays ever, and even when a full costume isn't possible, October, with its Halloween flavored influences, offers up some pretty cool accessories:

Scarves are one of my favorite fall fashion items...and when you're able to take that item and bend it from its regular shape into a piece of wearable art; I'm a fan! These awesome cobweb scarves by Las Lopez do just that. The whole site has some pretty sweet wearable fiber art. I love the different feel each of these gives, just by changing the color! You've got your choice between cobweb chic and blood-dripping freak.

You could choose to go with this chain scarf by Toggle...which makes me think of both Mr. T and Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol. A ghostly Mr. T would be a pretty innovative costume and a sure twist on Dickens. "I pity the foo' that don't honor Christmas in they heart!"

The Do Not Cross scarf by Fuzz is so cool it's almost criminal! (seewhatIdidthere?)

If you'd like something a little edgier, a little more cutthroat, there's always the bloody saw scarf. It goes hand in hand, or perhaps I should say runs neck and neck with Do Not Cross...actually, they're the perfect pair. Wear the saw one day and the crime scene the next, and you can be your own inside joke!

 H.P Lovecrafty! The Dread Cthulhu has never looked so adorable! You'd be mad not to love this lil' guy! There's a lot of cool Cthulhu inspired clothing on the's amazing what these artists dream up.

 Finally, let's finish off with something sweet. I'm loving this candy corn scarf, and nothing says Halloween better than high fructose corn syrup...just ask any kid with a trick or treat bag.

Happy Halloween!