Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crochet... Sometimes It's Weird.

 Well. I'm not saying it's bad... but I'm not saying it's good. I am saying that it'll make for some interesting tan lines. I'm also saying it makes you look like you're wearing a whole row of multicolored boob covers.

And then there's this... which is also... lovely. I mean, if I'm cruising my way through the Hawaiian Islands, I want to do it in crocheted harem pants and a see through crochet shirt with my big white bra showing through. Se-xy.

 enthusiastic crochetoholic
This is actually a nice looking little cardigan... but I had to post it... HAD. TO. Because, well, LOOK at  her! Such a tiny head... Now, I realize those linebacker shoulders, long, gangly arms, and head the size of a lemon are just from the angle at which the picture was taken, but I choose to ignore facts when they don't help something be funny.

  enthusiastic crochetoholic
This however, is not simply because of the picture. That skirt is... unflattering. Very unflattering. The color is an unfortunate baby poop green, and it adds an unfriendly amount of girth... and let me tell you, [sarcasm] if there's anything women are looking for, it's LARGER hips. [/sarcasm]

Oh, and for all you snowbirds, there's an option for you too... and it's equally as awkward. Just make sure you stand artistically when you wear it.