Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's/Single Awareness Whatever Day...

Yeah, it's Valentine's Day. Yay. It's SO much fun when you're single! So here's a heart to set the mood. Can you feel the love? I know I can, because my facebook feed is vomiting it everywhere.

I can't blame all you lovebirds though. If I had someone special in my life, I'd give them my heart too, but probably not my extensive circulatory system like this guy. Jeez!

Until Mr. Right finds his way off whatever deserted island he MUST be on right now, I'll just keep wearing my heart on sleeve. Ladies, you don't have to take that literally.

And I'll try not to be jaded towards love, because really, what good does that do? Besides, the chocolate is 50% tomorrow!

I'm not even sorry. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ponies Y'all!

*jumpers, for all you proper Brits out there!*

This is seriously sweet. Now, we all know that animals in clothes aren't really my thing, but COME ON. These Shetland ponies, Fivla and Vitamin, in Fair Isle Sweaters are the brainchild of the Scottish Tourism board. Why ponies in sweaters, to encourage people to visit the bonnie land of the Scots for all and in all of its natural beauty.

Visit Scotland? OK, I WILL.

Ponies aside, who doesn't want to go to Scotland anyway? Beautiful country, gorgeous accents, gingers a plenty(!), a rich and storied history, legit pubs, and yeah, ponies in sweaters - there is that.  Basically, it's a magical land full of adorable creatures and occasionally lake monster. What's not to like?

huffington post
I swear to you, that pony is SMILING.

Now, enjoy the video.