Friday, June 17, 2011

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Select, Start!

In honor of Duke Nukem finally being released after roughly a BAJILLION YEARS of lingering doubt in the gaming world that it would ever happen, I give you: VIDEO GAME SWEATERS! 1 UP!

Konami Code approved!

World 1-1! This is pretty much the mother (father?) of all nerdcraft. It's a sweater vest, AND "it's a me! Mario!" It's also totally sweet. The pixels translate so well to knitwear, plus, this is just really, really well done. The detail is incredible! I love that you can take something so visually iconic and translate it into something functional. Also, seriously, why aren't more things covered in awesome motifs? Like, why don't I have a wall in my house dedicated to the Triforce Emblem? Why doesn't my car look more like Unit 04 from Neon Genesis Evangelion? Why don't I have a giant squid mural in my bathroom? WHY?
The Japanese gave us the gift of Nintendo, and now, sweaters, based on Nintendo... for more than the cost of a Nintendo. $425 bucks if you want the brothers Mario leaping across your pectoral region. I'm not saying it's not awesome, but... that's a lot of coins to collect!

That dog has taunted me for years! You remember when you'd shoot at the duck and you KNOW you hit it, but the stupid think kept flying, and then the dog would laugh at you? I remember it. I remember it pal. I was not above holding my light zapper directly to the screen and shooting those quacking jerkfaces out of the sky. "I'll show you who wins!" (7 year old rage. so cute.)
 The Legend of Zelda is the best video game series in the history of gaming. There. I've said it. You can disagree, but you're wrong. It's ok, we're all wrong sometimes. Don't let it ruin your day. Mario's great, Samus kicks it, and who doesn't love a little Master Chief? Still, nothing makes me want to grab a controller and happily waste hours of my life like that green clad Hylian. Which is why I lurve this.. it's Link. On a sweater. A girly sweater. I would give you so many Rupees for this! Gah!


slash! defend! slash! defend!

Oh. My. Goron. Dudes...DUDES. This is beyond adorably awesome. Beyond it, I say! Holy Hyrule! It's like looking into the future and seeing my own adorable nerdling child! Happy Seamstress even provides the FREE pattern to make this, so thank her with a comment if you snag it! Oh, and bebeh Link's parents, ur doin it right.

These were made by a girl named Rousseline, for a craft swap. Wouldn't these go perfectly with the sweater up above (paired with a long sleeve undershirt!) and that precious nerd baby? You might say "no, that's just too much, too much Link!" I say "Psh! What are you, some kind of Ganon lover? There's no such thing as too much Link! Just ask Zelda..."  Rousseline, fyi, you are awesome. Let me know if you ever have an over abundance of Zelda related items... I'll happily take them off your hands!
 No school like the old school. Classic vids in sweater form. When I was a kid, I used to spend hours playing Pac-Man on the skating rink arcade machine or at home on my own little hand-held, Pac-Man shaped version that used to belong to my sister in the 1970s. Legit. I loved it. These are great, but then again, what's not to like? I especially like the last one. When you wear it, you can say "it's on like Donkey Kong," literally!

Anyway, there are probably a tons more of these awesome video game knits out there, and I really, REALLY hope I run across one of them some day. Thrift store, help a sister out!