Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day in The...

All those years I trusted you!

I never knew he lived on Elm Street! Seriously though, the Freddy Krueger sweater is an iconic image of both knitwear and horror. You see those red and green stripes and you instantly know that you're about to die...or that you're at least about to suffer through some horrible puns.

And, like all iconic things, it ends up being a costume for your pet. Don't believe me? Listen, nothing is sacred. Not even Jackie O...not. even. Jackie.O. 

But, back to the main theme...

Awww! So cuddly, so adorable, so full of murderous rage! The great thing about Krueger Kat is that he doesn't even need the little leather knife glove. He's naturally gifted with tiny slashing claws! Still, I feel this isn't the right cat for the job...

Yeah, there we go. Just imagine waking up with this precious lamb yowling good morning in your face. I'm sure he's best friends with this guy.

Of course, it doesn't stop with pets.

As Kim Kardashian up there tells us, there is no costume out there that cannot be 'sexified.'

"Hmm, you know, like, I'd like to like go as like, something like scary, but well, like, I just don't like, know what! Ooo! A like, sexy Freddy Krueger sweater dress thing! It's like, perfect! Nothing's like hotter than a serial killing burn victim! ...Like."

Sweater? I only just met 'er!

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