Monday, November 18, 2013

A Time To Be Thankful... And Single

Wait... wait... that's Sirius Black, not me. Still, I've done my waiting too, many, many years of it, as have most of us. I have fond memories of the kids' table though, surrounded by cousins, telling stories, arguing about cartoon shows like adults do about politics, and eating home-cooked goodness until we almost vomited. ('Murica) However, I can proudly say I've been promoted from the kids table. That's right, now, I proudly sit at the "you're still single at your age?" table, and that's GOT to count for something.

 And now that I am in that stage of life, spinsterhood, I feel like I can probably get away with wearing classic Thanksgiving gems like this little number. Just look at those zazzy turkeys! Nothing says "I don't plan on having a boyfriend for the holidays or ever" quite like a checker-blocked cardigan riddled, yes, riddled, with festively feathered fowl. 

Of course, there's also this. I bet it says something like "I'm 'Beary' Thankful" or "Don't Forget The 'Cranbeary' Sauce" on the back. It also says "Keep on moving, hottie. I can't 'bear' the thought of a relationship."

Or maybe this one. I mean, if you're going to give up, give up big... don't even get the bird right.  Chickens? Sure, why not?

BUT WAIT! WHAT'S THIS?! A man that shares my affinity for thankfulness, sass, and sweaters?! Well, just look at that delightfully awkward beefcake! I don't see a ring on that finger, sweetcheeks... maybe there's hope to move on from the "why are you ***always*** single?" table yet! Maybe someday our paths will cross. One can only hope! Who knows, perhaps I might even find him on Knit Together!

***Emphasis added for a more realistic experience***

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