Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swingin' Solstice Singles: Knit Together For Life...

Last year, we introduced you to some wonderful singles just waiting to meet their match. This year, we'd like to introduce you to some of our success stories.

Perhaps you remember spunky little Cathy Marie Frankle, our lunch lady lover? Well, let me introduce you to Cathy Marie Frankle-Schmittendorf and her newly minted husband, Abner. After communicating through Knit Together, Abner asked Cathy to be his date to their town's annual Baked Bean Festival. Cathy accepted without hesitation. Six months later, Abner nervously proposed over the P.A. system at Cathy's school. Cathy and Abner share a mutual love of knitted finery, large cast iron bathtubs, and adding to their collection of oil paintings on velvet. 

They were married October 17th, 2012.
"With Abner, it's like every day is Cheesecake Day!" -Cathy

Meet Joe and Nancy Schwetty. Joe is a high school gym teacher. His wife Nancy runs the Etsy Shop, Doodle Dogs, where she sells hand knitted clothing for small, fashion conscious canines. Through Knit Together, they found love. Here is how their story began:

 "I'll admit it, when I first saw Joe, I was unsure. That mustache, those glasses, his personal sense of style, I knew he was out of my league, but I just couldn't help myself. I was certain he'd never respond, but five minutes later, my inbox had 23 messages from him!"

"Oh yeah, I knew Nancy was the one for me the minute I saw her profile picture. You know how sometimes you just know, you know? Boy, I knew! She hit me like a dodge ball to the head! I'd never seen anything so beautiful in all my life. She was wearing a sweater she'd knit from Christmas tinsel and holding our little Sparkles here, and I thought, talent, beauty, and a dog lover! Woo! I was head over heels. Did I send her 23 messages? You better believe I did! I wanted to make sure she knew I was interested. Does that make me crazy? Crazy in love maybe! I couldn't be happier."

Joe and Nancy were married on February 12th, 3 weeks after their first date!

 Allow me to introduce you to Rhoda Dingle and Chester Humpers. Rhoda  and Chester have been dating since December of last year, after meeting through Knit Together. Rhoda works for the CDC studying some of the world's deadliest pathogens, while Chester spends his days writing code for anti-virus software. Chester says his deep love of irony first attracted him to Rhoda. 

"She spends her days cultivating viruses, and I spend mine killing them. Ours is a seemingly impossible love, but here we are."

Chester and Rhoda both enjoy editing Wikipedia articles, maintaining a sizable cooperative ant farm, and finding and correcting spelling errors in "the comments section," of any social media site.

Chester is planning on proposing on 12/12/12! "I thought it would be fitting for the rest of our lives to start with the end of the world."

 Ted and Sandy Meznick have dropped their membership in the Lonely Hearts Club thanks to picking up a membership at Knit Together.

"We haven't been dating that long."

"Ted's right, but I think we both know where this is headed. I will say that at first, I was really skeptical about joining an online dating site, but something about the Knit Together format really appealed to me. I mean, I love to knit. LOVE. IT. (I knitted my entire outfit, Ted's too, right down to the underwear!) It really seemed like the place for me." 

"My brother made me a Knit Together account as a joke, and then posted it to my facebook page. Suffice to say, I was not pleased. I admit it; I punched him in the face...possibly more than once. Anyway, I went to delete the thing, and boom, Sandy pops up as one of my matches. She was real pretty, so I thought, eh, might as well."

"I was thrilled to get Ted's message, and the pink pony Christmas sweater he was wearing was almost as adorable as he was."

"That was from a party."

"From our conversations, I could tell he was new to the knitting world, but I didn't hold that against him. I've been teaching him to knit and crochet. He just loves it!"

"Yeah..loves it. Knitting... awesome."

Next time, we'll introduce you to some of our new members! Maybe one of them is meant for you.


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