Saturday, April 9, 2016


So, the Guardians of The Galaxy are a thing. I should have said something before now, but I've been busy doing stuff and junk. As such, I'm just getting around to posting about this wonderment, this ... marvel, if you will, of modern entertainment. The music in this film was on fleek. It fit perfectly with the storyline and feel of the entire movie. The characters were solid, and what a great ensemble cast! Of course, I have to mention Chris Pratt, because of reasons. You know, of all the beautiful, talented Chrises that Marvel has produced in their Marvel Man Factory, I believe he has become my favorite, surpassing even the otherworldly beauty of THE HEMSWORTH. That Pratt comedic timing combined with that gingery gorgeousness just speaks to me on a spiritual level. (Well done, Anna Faris!) However, I haven't come today to speak to you of the virtues of handsome heroes, but about another wonderful member of the Galaxy gang, someone a little less rooted in reality.

I am speaking of course, of...



Look at his little face. LOOK AT IT. You know you just want a hug from those twiggy little arms. 

And here is a page where you can craft your own dancing baby groot, because WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO DO THAT?!

Ok, it's not technically baby groot, but he is tiny, and there is a TINY ROCKET RACOON with him! How can you not love that? They're the best of friends, and they just want to be your friend... or they want that guy's leg. Either one. 

Dance you adorable baby space tree. Dance. 

**Sorry I haven't written much. My family situation hasn't been so good lately. There are a lot of medical issues going on, and I've been busy trying to help. We are driving the struggle bus for realz. #Buckle Up**

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