Friday, July 31, 2015

Wigging Out!
  Yarn. YARN, y'all. Did you know y'arn can make awesome wigs? I didn't, but now I do. Those dreads, wool yarn- brushed and locked. I also want that hoodie like headpiece. Everything about this is my favorite, the color, the texture, the tiny antlers. It's got a modern Daenerys Targaryen kind of vibe to it. 

Jean Barthet by Roland Bianchini
Jean Barthet by Roland Bianchini
And let's not forget un-brushed yarn. Little Orphan Annie meets Raggedy Anne. It's also like some kind of lady Simba tribute. *cue circle of life*

Via Artstring
It's obviously not hair, but somehow, it still works. I'm a fan of the colors. I feel like this would own at Ren Faire, maybe add a few tingling bells.
  Daenerys Targaryen you sure are getting around these days. Another cool un-brushed look, just thick, unraveled strands. I could totally ride dragons in this.

  Here's a classic with a chunky yarn. Your kid is basically a living doll with this mop top. Just look at that wig with the little bangs and the bows! Too sweet!

It seriously blows my mind that this is YARN. It's so soft and pretty and looks so much like cotton candy hair. I know it's a doll's head, but I want this for me. FOR ME. Also, cotton candy. I feel like that should also be in my life.

"Yo, Ariel, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Doll head had one of the best mermaid hairs of all time! One of the best mermaid hairs of all time!" Seriously, how perfectly mermaidy is this wig? 

I am amazed at you crafty crafters.

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