Thursday, July 2, 2015

Skein and Bone

Knit Fast Die Warm.
Skein Deep  was my first post about knitting themed tattoos. And now, I bring you my second. These are hard core and full of color and emblazoned with the mantra to "Knit Fast, Die Warm."
 The skulls are an ever present icon.
Don't think I forgot about you hookers... er... that's not... how I meant that! You, ah, crochet enthusiasts!
A little variation on the theme, and a super realistic skull.

I can feel those needles in the skin, and I can barely type this because NEEDLES IN THE SKIN.

Knit fast Die Warm by Lisa Murphy
Nice use of pink brain yarn. 
 I'll be posting another tattoo themed post soon. There are so many, SO MANY awesome designs out there. If you have one, comment!

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