Sunday, July 5, 2015

Can't Knit? Don't Sweat It!

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Just because you can't knit or crochet doesn't mean you have to pass the yarn isle with your head held in shame. Well, I'm here to tell you, don't despair! There are plenty of awesome yarn related crafts you can make without ever picking up a hook or pair of needles. These little pompom bookmarks are super adorable, and easy to make. 

You could also make some pretty jewelry! You could wrap some old bangles and give them new life, or start from scratch. You could use a few pipe cleaners twisted together and then wrap yarn (or embroidery floss) around them, or even an old glow band that's lost its glow in the dark charm. 

Nobody sending you flowers? Make your own! Those pompoms are popular. They're super cute and they'll last forever! You can make them in any color and in a variety of sizes. 

And we are back to jewelry! You can make some pretty cool felt beads from wool yarn. You can use those beads to make necklaces, bracelets, pin cushions, or cat toys 

Easy Yarn Crafts: Creative Ways to Use Yarn Without Knitting or CrochetingEasy Yarn Crafts: Creative Ways to Use Yarn Without Knitting or Crocheting
How about some beautiful artisan frames or lampshades? You could easily brighten up a room with a little bit of yarn wrapping. Get an anthro feel on a budget!
Finger Knitting Tutorial and easy Valentines Day Ideas
If you do want to do a little knitting but you're still intimidated by the idea. Start of with a little finger knitting. You will always have your tools on hand (that's right. I did that.) and it's pretty simple. Use some chunky yarn for a really pretty stocking stitch. You'll have a new scarf in no time!

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