Monday, June 29, 2015

These Will Keep You In Stitches...Plus, I rap!




 The Stitch Life
 "Stacks on stacks. 
Stacks on stacks.
Uh huh.
Stacks on stacks, 
Yeah, I got that."

*drops the beat*

 "Stacks on stacks I said
Stacks on stacks on stack of thread
My needles they flyin'
My phrases, they buyin'
They be ballin' like Kim K
and written like Kanye
I be livin' that hoop life 
Stitch like I'm a good wife
I got dem skills like ya grandma
but I'm bankin' like Trump, ya
Got them framed like a heirloom
all up in the bathroom.
I'm a needlepoint boss y'all
Hang my rhymes on ya hall wall 
Keep ya 'Yonce and Yeezus your Whiz and ya Wheezy
I can spit my own rhymes, but stitchin' aint easy"
 You do you, Tina. You do you.

 No treble. 

PATTERN Nope Subversive Funny Cross Stitch Instant Download .PDF 
Look at all the nopes I have to give!
"Hey, can you..."
"Hey, you wanna..."
Nope. Nope.
"I think we should..."
Nope. Nope. Nopity. Nope.

And finally, Bill Murray. Because, Bill Murray.

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