Friday, June 19, 2015

Been Missin' You...

I miss you. I know I don't write often, and I never call or text, but baby, I think about you ALL. THE. TIME. You'll always be my boo. You're the blog that broke my heart and then wrapped it in a hideous sweater of love. I'll never let you go, no matter how long we go without seeing each other.

I brought you some gifts, you know, 'cause I didn't want to show up empty handed...

Knitted leotard: 

It's summer and I just want to cozy up to you in the pool, but also be separated from you by literally POUNDS AND POUNDS of wool. It's just like our relationship, so close, and yet... so far away.

Get naked.

I mean, I just want to hang out with you again, like we did in the old days. Remember, I'd write funny things, and you'd ask me for a picture of a lady knitting herself into a giant sleeve? Those were the good times, just a woman alone with her blog. Add a salad, it would be the perfect night.


Or maybe we could go out, hit up the coffee shop and chat. I've got the perfect outfit. I can get one for you too, so people know we're together.

Men's crochet outfit | Mollie Makes
Like these best friends. 

Compubody sock, computer hood, Becky Stern, instructables, knitting
Let's never be apart again.

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