Monday, September 29, 2014

Hey There Lonely Girl...

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So there I was, just getting my google on, and all of a sudden, THIS.  I've pulled all of these photos from the Huffington Post, and they've got the whole scoop on this well crafted man friend, which you can read by clicking the linky under the picture. However, I'll be giving you the "I'm OK being a 'C' student," Cliff Notes version. 

knitted bf
Artist Noortje De Kejzer sometimes felt lonely and the sad, and desperate landscape of the modern dating scene did nothing to help her shake that feeling. And, she figured others must, at times, feel lonely themselves. So, she created her very own knitted boyfriend, which speaks to the human condition and the want of companionship. 

knitted bf
I hope my project brings a bit of recognition, and awareness that everybody feels lonely from time to time. That it is totally fine to talk about it or even laugh about it! I tried to make a very humorous project about this serious subject. I believe that laughing about a negative feeling is already the beginning of a more positive and happy feeling. And when you feel positive and happy with yourself, the right person will come along!
knitted bf
 I guess you could say this project was truly a labor of love. 

knitted bf brush teeth
 Best of luck, you crazy kids!

Noorje put together a charmingly humorous little film on her my knitted boyfriend project, and they life they live together. Give it a view.

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