Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Little Toilet Humor...

 Grandma, it's time to stop.
This just makes me uncomfortable. 
In all of my days, I've never said "You know, the one thing this toilet seat is missing is the sweet caress of rough crochet, preferably, the same crochet that has caressed many other buttcheeks." Not. Once.  
Also, can we discuss the unfortunate color scheme? Yellow and brown. Yellow and brown, blanketing your toilet seat. If that's not an invitation to sit on down and make yourself at home, I don't know what is! 
 Why do I feel like someone's about to get murdered? If ever there was a scene of foreboding and menace, this is it. TP doesn't like you trying to taking his place, little guy. I think you know that already, judging by the look on your... face? He's going to make sure you hang, and not on the... spinny thingy.
But... why?

 I've seen these. These are real life. I've been in houses where they stare at you, stare at you with their dead eyes and skirts full of secrets. And there you are, just sitting there, half naked while Barbs just smiles at you.  Again, uncomfortable.

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