Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Cat Lady Starter Kit...

At some point, I think you just get the crazy cat lady starter kit sent to your door. It's not so much that you're looking to own 15 cats, as it is the universe assumes that since you're 30ish, female, and single, you're probably heading that way. For me, this was last year. They, the cats, just started showing up at my house. Cats. More than one. Multiple cats started hanging out, like they'd been invited or summoned. Now, don't get me wrong, I like cats. I used to have a cat, the best one ever probably, but that was my choice, Universe! Stop sending me your spares! However, if I was to become a crazy cat lady, I think I've found a few items that I'd want to throw in my basket.

First off, let's talk about that up there. Knit Your Own Cat. KNIT YOUR OWN CAT. I mean, there are 16 frisky felines you can make! 16 of them! Each of your real cats can have a stuffed cat of its own!
Those eyes. I'm guessing each and every one of those cats is tweaked out on the 'nip. It's their first time seeing in color, and ME-WOW! It's like a sweater made from the tasty rainbow trail of Nyan-Cat.

Of course, having cats is a hobby all its own, but what do you do with them once you start collecting them? Easy, you knit for them. Cat in a hoodie? Why not? Obviously the cat is enjoying it.

Almost as much as the cat in the... hat. Yoda?
AND then there's this! The, a little too realistic , knitted cat scarf, for you to wear. I might be wrong, but bonus points if I'm right- I'm thinking that's knitted from real cat hair. Also, you can use it to threaten your pets too, if they start misbehaving. "You remember Mr. Whiskers, Mittens? DO YOU? He thought my couch was a scratching post too. Now, he goes perfectly with my green sweater."
Those eyes have seen terrible things.



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