Friday, December 21, 2012

The Yuletribe. They Are A Festive People...

I pulled this pic from National Geographic. Let me introduce you to Kringle, the King of the Yuletribe, a newly discovered people group off the coast of eastern coast of northernmost Canada. The "Yulies" as they like to call themselves are a very happy and clever people, crafting most of their clothing from discarded Christmas decorations and sweaters culled from various ugly sweater functions. The gold garland is a symbol of his great standing amongst his tribe. Lesser kinsmen are only allowed to drape their torsos in simple bead garlands.

Kringle's wife, Merry, is an equally jolly soul, though she does wield her candy can scepter with a fierce justice against those who are naughty, not nice. Her hat and evergreen garland have been passed down through her family for generations. They are a proud symbol for Yule people, being represented on the flag, arms, and mini bus of the tribe.

The traditional garb of the Yuletribe is not only beautiful, but it serves as excellent camo for any Yulie being pursued by a predator or if one wonders into overcrowded mall during the Christmas season. In either instance, it proves to confuse and annoy the aggressor, or allows one to simply blend in with holiday decor until escape is possible.

Even the animal companions of the Yulies are bedecked in their festive best. As with most animals, they're thrilled to be trapped in human clothing. Thrilled.

Here is an example of ceremonial garb of the King Kringle's tribe. This intricate and finely crafted garment would be worn for an event such as a wedding, coronation, or fertility festival (what we might refer to as 'Valentine's Day.')

A truly fascinating people! Merry Christmas, Yuletribe!

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