Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seems A Bit Excessive...

Hello! How's everyone feeling? Still a little bloated from the gorgefestapalooza of Thanksgiving? (Non-American friends, we've just had our holiday known as Thanksgiving, a day where we show our gratitude for all we have by eating enough to feed a third world country for a year.We follow this outpouring of thanks with "Black Friday", a day of shopping both rued and revered by merchant and customer alike, a day of ruthless consumerism where it's not uncommon for friends to unapologetically  bludgeon each other over an $8 toaster oven.)


In keeping with this much cherished display of excess, I thought I'd show you a little something... not so little.

"Julia Hopson of Knit Wits, Penzance, Cornwall with the 'Guinness World Record' for knitting with 'the largest knitting needles in the world'." These behemoths are around 12ft tall, or 3.5 meters. What's nice about this ginormous needles is that they'll do for a lance in a pinch, you know, for those impromptu ren faire invites.
 I always wondered how fishing nets were made!

scarf in 3,2,1...
The above Addi Turbos (circular knitting needles) are on display at Paradise Fibers located in Spokane, Washington! They were custom built for Paradise Fibers by metal artist Tim Biggs to Addi specifications all the way down to the nickel-plated tips. They are Size 150, 7 feet tall, and weigh 56 pounds.
Knitting artist Eugenie Perret, participating in an art installation called The Welcome House, Those are size 50mm! These would be so handy for the blanket I've been knitting... since last winter.

Just remember, with great gauges comes great responsibility. Otherwise...

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