Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Rajesh Koothrappali, Be My Big Bang Valentine...

Raj, you may be incapable of talking to beautiful women, but you're highly talented when it comes to wearing sextastic sweaters. Not an episode goes by where I don't admire your daring sense of fashion. The way you toss aside the conventional, often douche-baggish wardrobe of today's young, single men is...impressive. Most impressive. You're a maverick, Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali, to take your cues from the likes of Mr. Rogers, and oh so fittingly, Mr. Wizard.

Be still my heart... and my retinas! Those colors and patterns might be seizure inducing, but Raj, you wear them so well. Very few men could pull off an outfit of such competing colors and stripes, but I think you pull it off... or you should! ... Pull it off that is, as in remove it from their person!


All Bazinging aside, how can you not love this man? He's as sweet and innocent as a soft kitty. Yet, he's as  fiery and intense as a Supernova. (I know you like that analogy, Raj. I'm using science to seduce you... instead of my usual awkwardness.)

Howard, I love you, and nice job on the attempt, but you're the poor man's Rajesh in that bland and understated turtlenecked ensemble. Once again, my Bollywood Badboy shines in diamonds... perfectly knitted diamonds.

Even Lego wants in on this hot sweater madness.

Raj, I'm as confused as you are. Seriously, of all my lovable TBBT (palindrome!) geeks, how does this one not have a steady girlfriend ? HOW I ASK YOU? HOW?

The Blasian Narrative
I'm star struck! He's just so physically attractive.
(Get it? GET IT? ...'Cause he's an astrophysicist...which makes that really clever and not lame at all. )

and now for something completely different...

Happy Valentine's Day to all! ...Be you geek, dweeb, or spazz, may you spend the day with someone you love, or... if that's just not an option, may you find that totally mint, ultra-rare, NRFP collectable you've been searching for... for like forever, and look, it's like they don't even know what they've got! It's worth at least twice what they're asking!


Madara said...

Fantastic post, I was laughing so hard and sharing my love for Raj as well! You made my day!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Madara, glad I could bring you some laughter! :) Raj is just fantastic, and deserves a lot more credit for being as awesome as he is!