Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Long Screwy...

This is a skeleton... a hand crocheted skeleton. It's also a scarf, and it took crazy skill to create. Artist Fabienne Gassmann is the creator of this crafty wonder.

Who is Fabienne Gassman? Well...

Fabienne Gassmann studied fashion design in Basel, Switzerland and attended an MA course in Womenswear (Knitwear) at the Royal College of Art.

She now works as a freelance knitwear designer, pattern cutter and maker and is most excited about projects that make her ‘think outside the fashion box’. Her aim for the near future is to apply as many traditional skills as possible to her design processes and try to keep the handmade and bespoke alive in the 21st century...more info on Fabienne Gassmann and her exquisitely well made creations coming soon.
Why did I choose to highlight her fabulous creation? Basically, because it's incredibly relevant to my life right now, especially that second shot of the pelvis. You see, I'm heading to St. Louis, Mo for a consultation with a hip surgeon at Washington University Hospital, specifically The Center for Advanced Medicine. I've been having some big problems with my hips for a while and my orthopedist thinks it'd be a good idea for me to get his opinion on what's going on... which could lead to a pretty major operation. Hopefully it won't end up being the condition it could be, and something can be done for me that won't involve completely deconstructing and rebuilding my pelvis. We'll see... wish me luck!

...See you in St. Louie!

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