Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doctor, Doctor...

Well, I'm back from St.Louis. I saw a lot of doctors... a lot... of doctors. I got some answers... some good, some bad. It wasn't the most fun I'd ever had, and unfortunately, none of the doctors were dressed in awesome sweaters with their own faces blazing from their chests. However, if you happen to be Dr. Oz, you've got just that opportunity thanks to the amazingly accurate portrait on the lovely green sweater up there. I think it's pretty much made for TV, much like Dr. Oz himself. Maybe he or one of his medical minions will read this blog and let him know that this custom knit wearable swimming in hilarious narcissism is only an email away!

If Dr. Oz isn't your go to guy, there's always this doctor. "Doctor Who?" you might ask. I'd say, "exactly." Oh, and the 7th Doctor to be precise. If that "questionable" sweater vest doesn't instill the greatest of confidence in his skills, I'm not sure what will...

confessions of who
...but maybe this scarf. Who knows!? SeewhatIdidthere?

Let me introduce you to Marbles Hargrove, (aka Melissa McCarthy,) she's not a doctor, but she wears one on TV. If you can see past her highly suspect, E.coli infested soft taco, you can see the obscured visage of one of the greatest doctors of all time staring stoically from her sweater. That's right, Mr. Leonard, I mean Spock. Dr. Spock, no, not the child rearing guru, the pragmatic, highly logical Vulcan. I'm not sure if he can cure what ails you, but he'll make you feel ridiculous for getting all emotional about it.
(Click the link for some hilarious video of Marbles.)

Dr. Spock also available in attractive, crocheted potholder. 

baker street
Last, but not least, let's head to Baker Street for a visit with Dr. John  Watson. He may be the wrong to Sherlock's right, but one thing he can certainly do, if this picture is any indication, is knit you a cozy sweater. You know what they say... a sweater a day keeps the doctor aw... wait... that's not right. That's not right at all, especially if the doctor is knitting the sweater! Brilliant deduction? Indubitably!

I'm sure there are many more Dr. Sweaters out there, but I'm going to leave them to you to find. I'm sick of it! (Haha!)

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