Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringin' Sexy Back!

knitting the moment
Need to bring the sexy back? Want to do in an unconventional and frankly, quite confusing way? Then this little black dress might be one way to do it. Just think of all the attention you'll get from the scores of available men with Ravelry accounts. "Hey baby, that dress... it looks spicy, so sexy, so... in progress." *wink*

1 heck of a guy
If you want to get past "in progress" part of knitting something saucy?  Have I got the guide for you. Nikol Lohr has compiled a pattern book full of knitwear to sure to tease and please. Show hubby knitting's not just for woolly sweaters and baby booties. (Though some of these patterns might lead to needing that one!) Who knows, he might be inspired to pick up a pair of needles himself.

1 heck of a guy

 daddy likey
Of course, we can't forget party gear... and what better way to party down than with a knitted dress (or crochet?) that doesn't know when to quit?! (Because that hemline makes it clear it shouldn't have been quit quite yet.) You'll look fabulous as long as you choose to remain in only that pose all night. If you move at all in any way, expect to be the best part of someone's "this one time, I was at this party and this girl was wearing this reaaaaaally short dress, and then when she..." story.

 Rose Kim Knits
And ladies, don't think that the sexy is all for the fellas' benefit. Oh no. You'll have to have someone hold you back when you see your man decked out in this seductive, Granny Squared Snuggie. How can you resist those bedroom eyes and come that hither smile when it's all waiting for you- wrapped in a handmade, backwards robe with hot, sexy love in every stitch? Sip that tea baby, and I'll see you when I get home.

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