Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Baby...

Santa Claus, he's a beloved symbol of the holiday season, a jolly old elf, and a bringer of joy to children all over the world. We all know him by sight and by sound... a resounding "HO, HO, HO," and a lovely costume of red and white. Who wouldn't want their own Santa themed attire?

And why stick to the standards when you can put your own special twist on St. Nick's digs? Like this hat... it's like the conjoined twin of Christmas headgear! Just look at how excited you could be!

Almost as excited as this lady! She's practically bursting with holiday cheer! I would be too if I had a Santa head scarf like this. If you want one, just check out the linky and fly your sleigh on over to the instructions!

Now, before the modern inception of Santa, brought to us mainly by the cheerful Coke ads of yesteryear, Santa was often pictured wearing a long robe like coat, sure to help keep out the chill of Christmas Eve night as he hopped from rooftop to rooftop. Velvet and fur were commonly depicted materials, but here on the Ugly Sweater, if it's not knit, it does not fit! It's festive, it's warm, it probably took forever to make. I would wear the holly jolly heck out of it!

It's well known that I have a deep and abiding love for Ugly, tacky, and downright unfortunate sweaters, but I won't turn my nose up at a pair of cringeworthy mittens! (And they're new!) I think they go perfectly with the scarf, and the fact that they're pink is a real bonus... I mean, with the hat, the scarf, and the coat, you wouldn't want too much red!

Speaking of unfortunate sweaters... you're welcome. Yes, it's pretty heinous, and I think Santa might need to visit a doctor about that eye, but to the dude that's wearing it, I salute you. That beer gut really fills out the beard. Again, it's perfectly paired with the rest of our collection.

Of course, if we've got the hat, the scarf, the mittens, and the sweater, we'll need some pants. Pantsless Santa isn't a miracle on 34th street... just an arrest on 34th street.

And finally, we reach the end of our Santa ensemble with... these things! These little sock-bootie thingies will be the perfect finishing touch for our over the top Santa Baby selections.They're actually pretty adorable, if you don't mind he fact that Santa has a badonkadonk the size of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. Now, if only someone could put all these items together. I'd love to see a picture... which I would post... which would probably make the blog implode.

Santa Baby... slip a sweater under the tree for me... I've been an awful good girl...


Well, life is still steaming along, and I'm still jobless, but I've got some great freelance, and my house is no longer hemorrhaging water, fridges, circuit breakers, or other costly disasters. However, through all of this yuletide terror, I have been so blessed. My family, friends, church, and even people I don't really know have been so supportive and giving, and have done so much for me during all of this. This Christmas, I have seen more kindness, generosity, and love than I could ever put into words. It has strengthened my faith, humbled me, and shown me the true meaning of Christmas through the Christlike spirit that has been displayed in abundance by so many wonderful people. It makes for a truly Merry Christmas. Thank you to all.

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