Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eight Crazy Nights!

A mere $64.95!
Now, I'm not Jewish, but I've been told that it's so much funukkah to celebrate Hanukkah! I wish I could be a part of those eight crazy nights! Hanukkah 2011 is quickly approaching, and I'm sure that like your Gentile brothers and sisters, you want to be appropriately attired for your holiday extravaganza! I know I want you to be... and that's why I'll be posting a whole menorah's worth of great festival attire! If the candles don't light up your world, these sweaters will.

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made you out of clay! ...And I'm sure that's fun and all, but it's hard to compete with what has to be the world's happiest Jewish sweater: twin Dreidels holding the Star of David and dancing the Hora with a Menorah. (That was an amazingly unintentional rhyme.)

My gosh... if you could make those "Coexist" bumper stickers into a sweater, this would be it. Peace signs, Stars, Candles, snowmen, the earth. You've got a little of everything going on here. Granted, the Star of David takes center stage, but even it does double duty by providing us with a festive "season's greetings." The Menorah at the bottom might also be Christmas lights... I just can't tell. I. Just. Can't. Tell.

Peace, Shalom, Stay Cool.

Notice that there's no link here... that's because I found this gem myself, at the local thrift store. It was a brilliant find, and I hope it's purchased by someone who can truly appreciate it, and hopefully wear it to their own Hanukkah celebration. I say they'd definitely win all the gelt!

 The Ugly Sweater Shop
Now, blue happens to be my favorite color, and this particular shade of blue is pretty much my favorite, but what's really selling it to me is that virtual belt of Stars of David. That and the fact that it's buttoned all the way up like that. It looks kind of authoritarian... it looks like it means business. That's a sweater that says "Pass the Latkes and pass them NOW!"

Ok, I posted earlier about the happiest Hanukkah sweater in existence, but I think I've found the happiest Hanukkah celebrants this time. The sweaters are truly awesome, the glasses are hardcore, but man, those Menorah fedoras! (That rhyme might have been slightly more intentional.)

guest of a guest
Happy Hanukkah indeed. There's really something to be said for the three dimensional quality of those Dreidels. Plus, like the most elegant (by which I mean tackiest and most outrageous) of Christmas sweaters this Hanukkah sweater is wired, which means it will light up your night... possibly even eight of them!

 guest of a guest
It's like seeing the Jewish version of myself and my fictional boyfriend! (Although, I'm pretty sure I'd be wearing his sweater.)

On Moshe! On Herschal! On Shlomo! It's Hanukkah Harry! If you step into the way back machine and set the dial to the  golden days of SNL, you might remember this Yiddish holiday treasure. Hanukkah Harry, played by the always hilarious Jon Lovitz , stepped in to save Christmas when Santa fell ill. The children were delighted to find out that Christmas had been saved and ripped into their presents with glee... and then disappointment as they unwrapped their gifts of socks and underwear (8 pair!)

Animals in clothes... every race, creed, and religion thinks it's A-OK... apparently. I still think it's weird, and I still think the animals hate it, but that is one cute besweatered dog, and I just like saying "Hanukkah Pup."

Well, Jewish friends, thanks for joining in with your Gentile bros and sisters and decking out your favorite December holiday in horrendously spectacular fashion. (Literally.) I wish you all a wonderfully Happy Hanukkah and a blessed new year!


Stav said...

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Elizabeth Douglas said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'll mention it in the next post!