Thursday, December 29, 2011

Animal Oddity!

Animals. Animals are pretty cool. It's rare you find someone who just doesn't like them. I mean, yeah, sure, some folks don't like cats or dogs or fish or whatever, but they probably like zebras or lions or pygmy marmosets. But maybe you do know someone who thinks animals are pretty boring or stupid or smell like poo. Well, maybe they just don't think animals are snazzy enough on their own. Maybe they think animals just need a little bit more pizazz, and we all know nothing adds pizazz like a really colorful, stripy sweater... or you know,  maybe an extra head and startling lack of a butt. Now THAT'S a lot of pizazz!

OK, I'll say it. I'm a fan. That's a pretty fancy deer head, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I wouldn't mind owning one. I've got a little wood burning stove that just screams "place whimsical taxidermy beside me!" But, I think I'd like it in a nice white, Irish cable knit. 

Yes! Just like this... but with antlers!

 I think one thing that would really make animals more spectacular would be if we combined them to make "more different animals." I'm rather fond of this creature... what I've decided to call: "Sniraffe." Maybe you see something different, but I'm pretty certain this little brainchild of Dr. Moreau is what happens when a snake and giraffe fall in love.

Annette Messager, who I assume is somehow the love child between Tim Burton and the Janitor from Scrubs has created this lovely tableau of Vlad The Impaler meets The Walking Dead meets Bambi. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as adorably creepy as that zombiesque squirrel with the knitted bunny head. (By adorable, I mean highly disturbing, sure to give the childrens terrible, terrible nightmares...just like a Tim Burton movie... most of which I adore. Noodle that one.)

And finally, a mouse in the sweater. What's not to like about that?

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