Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweater Cats: Tails of Cruel and Unusal Punishment.

Do your cats like wearing sweaters? I'm thinking no. Do your cats want to claw your face off for doing this to them? I'm thinking yes. I'm not even have to write anything for this post. I'm going to let the actual photo captions do the talking...

Topper is a Giant's Fan
Hope these find you in good spirits and the kitties remember who buys the food. We are a bit conflicted here, some of us are happy Barry won't be playing with the San Francisco Giants next year, and some of us took it really hard... after Topper decided that he couldn't be more upset, he yakked on the fabulous Bernhardt sofa, and why not, its soft and comfortable, and then I had to put him in his team colors. My cat loves to watch baseball on the sofa with my husband... and this year won't be
as exciting as last for us Giants fans. But then I promised kitty treats so I could get him to sort of pose...

And then, really, it was all over... this is his mad face, just before
  he attacks an ankle... I tried to get his pointy's hanging out, but no luck with that picture, I was laughing too hard.
- - -
Cynthia in California

 Stewart William  
Happy in purple fun fur....

Greetings fellow cat lovers!

I'd like to introduce Stewart William...! I originally knit the sweater for Sugarplum{ the wiener dog} when she was recovering from back surgery. They shaved her whole back and it gets very cold in long, Cleveland winters.

...Stewart{ the cat} has also been recently shaved, due to not being able to reach certain ares while grooming himself. He is no ordinary 25.12 pounds of love. He spends most of his time caught in a love triangle between Zorba and Phyllis. I personally believe he prefers Zorba.They have always had a "special" bond. Stewart would be a great spokescat for plus size felines everywhere! We are rooting for are big guy to win! - - -
Thank you, Laura in Ohio

Cat needed a versatile sweater that could take her from her daytime napping duties into her more glamorous evening activities such as... ummm... napping. A small addition of marabou to the cuff and collar of this classic sweater gave her just the right look for all the upcoming holiday parties. And the yarn has just the right amount of sparkle to catch the eye of that Tom who's been coming around lately.

The first few pics are of the sweater without the trim, the last 4 are with the trim. If you only have time to check out a couple of them, please make it the third and last ones. Sorry to send so many pictures, but Cat insisted. Some, she thought, didn't show her off to her best advantage. I didn't have the heart to tell her it was about the sweater, not her.
- - -
Eve in Texas

 I also have plans to make some kind of cat like creature that can wear the hoodie, but I didn't have time to do it before entries closed, so in the photo it is being modelled by "Mungo" - a cat like creature I made, out of fabric, a few years ago. I found the perfect way to actually get a cat INTO a hoodie/etc - get your teenage daughter to do it! ... so yes - I actually got the cat IN the sweater!
- - -
Andrea in Canberra, Australia

Ok, so you have no idea how clawed up and bitten I am from snapping this picture! It's a cat sweater (ok, maybe it would fit a bob cat) and there's my cat, Rowan! 
- - -
Timiae in Georgia

...My cat Duncan wearing his "sweater". I believe in the first picture, he is saying "I thought you loved me??" and in the second picture, he is silently plotting my death. Probably because our other boy cat was running around me as I took the pictures meowing ("Haha! Lookit you! Look what Mom is making you wear! You suck!"). Also, I think it's less of a sweater and more of a tube top... or perhaps a skirt? I'm sure that added to poor Duncan's embarassment. I wanted to do SOMETHING with my ridiculous size 50 needles!
 - - -
Lulu in Brooklyn, NY 

This is our 12 yr old cat Mittens wearing a sweater I knit for a friend's dog. Mittens is very tolerant of being dressed up. He is a fashionista!
- - -
Isobel in Virginia

I've enclosed two photos of my 6-month-old kitten, Luna in a sweater I made for her for Halloween. I had intended to make a matching sweater for her sister, Viva, that said 'Halloween' so that they could be the matchy-matchy adorable twins that they are, but alas have since found that because of the sleeves, neither one of them can do much more than fall over in them and have had to switch tactics. I've since made a lavender and white sleeveless sweater for her which she wears for hours at a time, only to pull off sometime around dinner and proceed to rip at with her teeth. I get the feeling she's not such a fan of it.
- - -
Mallory in Illinois

ok, so it's not a sweater but it is made of wool and it is on a cat and I did risk life and limb to get it there. Plus Mr. Stubbins is just cute as hell.

I added Hamlets picture because he is cute as hell too. Not a sweater, a cat or involving any wool but how often do you get to see such a ferocious daisy?
- - -
Lenora in NY

A few months ago if someone told me that I would get a sweater onto a cat or that I would knit one for that matter, I would have died laughing. I just learned how to knit and I have scars from my past relationships with my feline friends. Well, after much cajoling and threats to burn my "stash" I started my first tank (almost a sweater). As you can see in the picture, I am almost finished. I have to sew in the ends that my Kitty loves to play with. 11 balls of yarn, rewound 100 times after Kitty found where I hid my project bag. She swears that if she had opposible thumbs she would have wound them back up after she was done playing. Well, being camera shy, she refused to pose for the picture but she offered to take my picture for the contest. Isn't she sweet? She also threw in that the tank would never fit her and something about a "swatch" which got passed me.
- - -
Lisa in New Jersey

Everything is from this photostream on Flick. I literally had to walk away from the computer to stop from posting more. The captions alone were killing me, not to mention the completely disgruntled felines these sweaters had been foisted upon! Click the linky, go, laugh, shake your head in dismay, and know that cats are vengeful animals. Cheers!

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