Monday, November 7, 2011

Skein Deep

How do you know when you've crossed the line from casual hobbyist to hardcore knittermeister? You start playing with a different kind of needle. That's right, the ultimate mark of a true threadhead runs skin deep. Literally. Now, people get tattoos for a multitude of reasons, but it's usually to commemorate something you love, and some people love knitting... a lot. 

          Baby Goth Knits
And hardcore they are. We aren't talking sweet little kitties tangled in string. No, we're talking about fierce mantras emblazoned forever, unapologetically proclaiming statements such as  "Knit until Death" "Knit Happens," and "Knit fast, Die Warm." The motifs too, throw aside the notions of sweet, grey haired grannies and cat hording spinsters. This crowd appreciates a beautifully designed Mexican sugar skull stabbed through the yarn brain with a wicked pair of scissors.  

Sugar Skull knitting tattoo, designed and tattooed by Traci Wilson of Enchanted Arts in Guisborough, Cleveland. Done May 2009.

This tatted up crafter shows a bit of local love. This mitten between Pam's shoulder blades harkens back to her hometown, Flint Michigan, where folks have a tradition of getting Flint related tats. The little heart near the thumb, that's the location of Flint on the Michigan map. Notice, like anything I'm sure Pam makes, even the tat (done by friend Ryan,) has excellent stitching! 

If you're havin' purl problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems, but a stitch ain't one. 

Sure does. Keep on stitchin'!

And leave a good looking corpse... wrapped in an heirloom quality blanket you knit yourself.

Here's a really gorgeous, artistic piece. Look at the detail in the yarn making up the skull! It's really done wonderfully, and the consistency in the lines is astounding! Also, how beautiful are those sacred heart needles? The color combo makes me think of a garden.

I can dig it. "Crafty"? You bet your buttons it is. Great colors, slick skills with the lines, and an expertly executed metallic sheen on the scissors and hook. I like that there's obviously some crocheting going on here, but just the statement "crafty" makes it extra cool. It's just a general "yeah, I'm awesome at making stuff. I know it," kind of tag.

Here's a spectacular crochet circle. I love the variegated shades of green, especially that bright acid color! It seems almost Celt like, intricately knotted as it is. 

This is wicked cool, and that purple is to die for! I want some yarn that color. I hope it's not a skin exclusive. Seriously, how fine and delicate is that shading, not to mention that line work. The shape, the colors, the lines... it's perfection. 

 It takes a lot of chuztpah to commit to a tattoo, even more for a large one, more still for a chest piece, and if you're a lady well, you've got some real cajones. This is a pretty spectacular piece. The old time sewing machine is amazing and the detail in all of the accoutrements are beastly. The shine on that thread, niiiiiice. I'm cringing a little though, I imagine that really, really hurt going across the collar bone!

How about a little cross stitching as well? You can't deny that's a pretty B.A. rose. It's really skillfully done. Sure, it could be a pixel rose, but hey, cross stitching is the original pixelation.

And finally, because I've forced, FORCED myself to stop posting pics, we've got this whimsical tat. Craftster user kellyhelene chose a classic icon for all things handmade. If you don't own one of these little tomatoes, you can bet your mom or grandmother did.

There are a lot more really awesome knitting/crocheting/crafting tats out there, this barely scratches the surface. Pun intended? You know it.


Leti said...

i started tatooing with thread !
that's the real thing !

Elizabeth Douglas said...

It's really something isn't it? There were so many gorgeous designs coming up while I was searching. I could have posted and posted and posted!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Wow, these are great! A friend pointed me here. I'm jealous of the nerve it takes to tatt a sewing machine on your chest- dang! Awesome post, something I definitely have not seen before!