Monday, November 14, 2011

Movember and No Shave November

Movember and No Shave November... what exactly are they? What do they mean? Is this why all the  men in my life are covered in hair right now and why Aunt Suzan's legs look like Sasquatch's? The answer is yes. Though different, both "holidays" are related. Both Movember and N.S.N hope to raise support and awareness for the various health issues that men face, particularly prostate cancer and other male cancers. The lady folks can show solidarity by tossing the razor and letting the legs and pits go au natural.

But what do you do if you aren't naturally endowed with a beard that makes men want to be you and women want to be with you? How can you show your support without letting your pits look like you've got Buckwheat in a headlock, or having legs that do an uncanny imitation of fur covered trousers? First of all, you can donate to cancer research, secondly, you can grab one of these awesome crochet beardfaces! (A perfect companion to the Crostache from a few posts ago.)

Taraduff of Etsy brings you the best in crochet apparel for the facial region. 

  These beardfaces come with the added bonus of a toboggan or beanie or hat or whatever your region/country calls it. Perfect for the chilly month of November... at least for us folks in the Northern Hemisphere. But what if you want a little more style than the classic hat and beard combo? Well...

 Try the Eric The Red model! You can show support for finding a cure, and plunder and pillage with the best of the viking hordes. 

"But what about the babies?" You might ask. No worries! Beardfaces come in sizes for the tiniest cancer conquerors. Jr. can show his support for Dad, Uncle, Grandpa or any loved one battling this disease. Who wouldn't feel encouraged seeing this toddle into a room?

Er... I don't think this one's as encouraging.

Moving on, moving on... mythical heroes want in on Movember as well, and why not? Epic beard time is all over the silver screen. Would Gimli the Dwarf support finding a cure? You know he would. He might even team up with an elf to do so. 

Even pirates won't aaaaargue that supporting cancer research is a worthy cause. Have you ever seen a clean shaven pirate? Me either! I'm sure even Jack Sparrow himself would give up a coin or two to help find a cure. Granted, any pirate doubloons donated will probably have been looted from some other worthy cause, but beggaaaaars can't be choosers. (This is the time where I desperately resist making a joke about getting checked for prostate cancer and incorporating "booty" and/or "poop deck." Aye, I be the age a' 12 in perpetuity.)

And what do you do after Movember/N.S.N have passed, well, you can follow ol' St. Nick's philosophy and carry your beardface on over to "Don't Shave December." Want your own No Shave Nick? Click for the linkage for the pattern.

Happy Movember!

(Oh, and pointless FYI... the ad for Hotel Max in Seattle... anyone looking to stay there, let me just say that place is wicked cool.)


Dr Mum said...

By-chanced on this page and can't believe there are no comments. This is the most outstanding collection of knit/crochet beards I have ever seen.

laurie 00000 said...

I agree, these are excellent!
Ah, now I see. It is a case of needing a PhD in Computer Science to sign in...