Monday, October 3, 2011


 "D'oh!mestic" -such an awesome name!
I'm a huge fan of Futurama. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's hilarious. One reason it's so hilarious is because of that guy up there... Dr. Zoidberg. Yes, he's a doctor, a seemingly bad one. He's also a lobsteresque alien with a Yiddish accent, and an affinity for knitting. And, apparently, there's an affinity for knitting him! Let's check it out maybe, yes?

This is a tiny, adorable Zoidberg, and I love his little beady eyes and felt Dr. coat. Why are little, round-bottom, legless dolls are so cute? The world may never know. This was an expertly crafted mini Decapodian! I just hear him pointing to my heart and telling a crowd of med students that's where the food's digested.

Ah! Double Zoidbergs all across the couch! Here we have traditional the Zoidberg and the rare variant, blue Zoidberg. Or, as you might know them, the Zoidberg from Universe A and the Zoidberg from Universe 1. ...Because nobody wants to be Universe B. 

We all know Zoidberg's  a doctor, but did you know he also has degrees in murderology AND murderonomy? It's true! Just ask "the murdered body of Amy's dead, deceased corpse!"

Now, when I read about this little craft on the link above, I'm informed that it's supposed to be Cthulhu, a terrible old god of unspeakable chaos and destruction. However, even the creator agrees that this particular mask is more Zoidbergian than Lovecraftian. Which means that it's really just an overgrown crustacean wondering if maybe a little kugel you have? Hmmm?

If you really want to go on a Zoidberg "Bender" (SeewhatIdidthere?)... well, have I got the project for you!

 It's definitely Zoidbergian... but with that frame and outfit, I'm thinking it's more Edna, Zoidy's unattainable love interest...  Amazing that he never got her with lines like this... 

Zoidberg:"You seem malnurished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?" 
Edna:"Why, yes! Thank you for noticing!" 

What a charmer! A girl likes to be told she's looking slim in any language.


Well, that's all I've got, the end of the post... so what do you have left after all this nonsense?
"...You still have Zoidberg. YOU ALL STILL HAVE ZOIDBERG!" 

Now, if you're not a fan of Futurama, this post probably confused you, and possibly filled you with rage. If however, you are a Futurama fan, just laugh and leave show quotes in the comments. I'll enjoy that. If you don't want to, then bite my shiny, yellow, daffodil.  See ya, Chumps!


Bryzeida said...

How it is possible, that there are no coments. We love Zoidberg as well and I was serching for the Zoidberg knitting. :-)

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Your post made me happy. :) There needs to be more Zoidy love! Let me know if you knit anything Zoidbergian and I'll give it a spot on the blog!

Bryzeida said...

actually I did. It is on :-)