Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walking Into Spiderwebs.

Webs. They're creepy. They're cool and beautiful. They're made by nature's most talented textile workers, spiders. People generally like webs, the way they shimmer in the sun, how lovely they seem when covered with dew, the spooky atmosphere they give any Halloween party. On the whole, they're pretty cool, except when you run into one that you didn't know was there and you looking like you're having a seizure, swinging your arms around, screaming, trying to make sure the spider you know is now in your hair gets off of you. They're not generally appreciated at that point.  

Sometimes, people try their hands at making webs too, and while it's not comparable to Charlotte's work, the lace web, Auntie Peggy Has Departed, by Shane Waltener is a pretty nice offering.  Plus there's the added bonus that if you walk into it, you don't have eight legs of terror running down your back.

Chihuly Doily
Two large webs, knitted in elastic thread, were installed in front of the Dale Chihuly chandelier in the grand dome of the museum, for the late night event ‘Craft Rocks’, held at the museum on March 26th. 4000 visitors thus came across the glass structure through this added layer of ‘baroque fanciness’, prompting them to rethink the old minimalist dictum ‘less is more’, while hopefully also appreciating the irony of seeing giant cobwebs installed amongst antique displays at the museum.

A musty old collection covered in cobwebs? Ironic for sure! Except that Dale Chihuly's amazing glass work really isn't musty, it's just weird, organic gorgeousness spiraling from the ceiling. I think the addition of the web is wickedly lovely, and adds a fantastically Gothic feel to the place. I'd love to see it with all the lights turned off but for the one shining through the sculpture. What a spookily beautiful atmosphere that would create!

More wonderful, winding webs, making their way open spaces and vaulted ceilings. I love the sharp, jagged angles, the wide holes, and the eerie architecture created by the lines. Old Shelob would be proud!

And here's one sized for Aragog, which apparently takes a lift to create. I wonder what the gauge of the hook is for that? I do believe this would fall right in line with Ron Weasley's worst nightmare.

Want some cool webby gauntlets? Me too. Make them for me? :) Rhonda the stitching nut crafted up this pair thanks to a pattern based off of one by Irina Novikova, a free download on Ravelry. She used Fiber Fantasy Knitting Products Nightlights which means this suckers glow in the dark!

At first, this seems like it might be a set up for a birthday... festive flowers, flaming cake, decorative table cloth...all signs point to yes, but take another look. First of all, the flowers... lilies. Lilies symbolize many things... purity, marriage, innocence, femininity, DEATH. Yes, death. Secondly, everything's in black and white, and we all know that elevates the creep factor significantly. Thirdly, that table cloth. No, they're not snowflakes or flowers, those are spiderwebs. No doubt. I don't think this would be out of place at an Addam's Family function or Nearly Headless Nick's death day party! That being said, I kind of want that table cloth... and some cake.

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