Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Parenting.

 This is Jack. Jack is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween. Jack dresses like a pumpkin a lot. Pumpkins are fun! That's what Mommy and Daddy say. Mommy and Daddy dress like pumpkins too, Halloween pumpkins, and not just for Halloween. Mommy says pumpkins should be for everyday, not just for special. Daddy says that pumpkins should always be feared and respected, that they are the most trustworthy and noble of vegetables. Jack doesn't know what that means, but sometimes, he thinks maybe Mommy and Daddy are a little bit scary. Sometimes Jack thinks he doesn't really like pumpkins as much as Mommy and Daddy do...

Sometimes Jack thinks maybe they know. Mommy always reminds him that he needs to be a good little pumpkin. "If you're not a good boy, and you don't wear your pumpkin suit, the great pumpkin will come and take you back to the patch with all the other bad little pumpkin boys!" So Jack is always a good boy. He doesn't want the big pumpkin man to come get him like Mommy says. So Jack always wears his pumpkin suit, and Jack's sweet blue eyes are always filled with the same expression...

Pure, unadulterated

Sarah Teapot
Because this is Mommy.

And this is Daddy.
(And that's Jack with Daddy... on Easter.)

Everybody in Jack's family wears pumpkins. Mommy made a pumpkin hat for Jack's dog, Gourdy...
...And for Seeds, Jack's cat. Daddy said lots of bad words when he was trying to put Seed's hat on him. He was yowling and scratching and biting Daddy! He was not a happy cat! Jack thinks Seeds likes pumpkins about as much as he does. 
If it was up to Jack, he'd never wear or eat or even see another pumpkin ever again! Daddy can say what he wants, but Jack doesn't think you can trust pumpkins at all.

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