Monday, October 31, 2011

A Ghost of A Chance.


 Ghosts. They're kind of a Halloween staple, like pumpkins and costumes and vicious, candy-induced  hangovers. And what better ghost to get us started than Jack Skellington's faithful companion Zero.  He's like a warm, spectral dog blanket just waiting to wrap you in cold, ectoplasmic love.  And thanks to Liz, he can be yours. Click the linky for the pattern.

I think I might have made one of these when I was little. I definitely remember dunking some yarn in glue and wrapping it around a balloon. Who knows what I was actually doing though. I will say that this is one of those "do outside or cover everything in plastic or newspaper" crafts. Kids+starch/glue = sticky disaster. Again, as always, follow zee linkage for instructions.

If you've ever picked up a Nintendo controller, you should recognize this guy. No, not the besuited dude, the boo on top of his head! Getting past those spooks could be a challenge on occasion, but really, it was their bro, big boo that you had to worry about. Hopefully, if you've got this hat, you run really fast at your friends when they've got their backs turned. Just be sure to stop immediately if they turn back around. Accuracy when wearing a LARPable hat is a must!

Well, here's this. The caption said it was: (“Ghost from ‘s-Hertogenbosch 1”) which as it turns out, is a train station in The Netherlands. Now, Wikipedia told me that much, but it didn't tell me why this ghost  was named after it. I figure if there was an Einstein headed chicken ghost haunting platform 1, it might have had a special mention. Alas, no. So, I put on my sleuthing hat and tried to find out what the deal was. After further research (five minutes worth of google before getting distracted by Pinterest) the trail went cold. We'll probably never know.

This is a Ghost Pirate by Shelly Tribbey. I always expect a story to go along with a project like this. I suppose Etsy, Regretsy, and Pinterest have spoiled me, but telling me it's "Size: 3.5" x 5" with a Mesh Count: 18" doesn't really do much to inspire me. Want it? It'll set you back $41.00, and that's pretty scary.

I hope everyone has a Spooktacular Halloween, and welcome to all the new followers! I'm glad you've joined us! 

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