Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Crafter's Corner: Old Sweater Edition!

 Wanna make some awesome crafty crafts? I know you do. 

If you're like me, you love upcycling or recycling or some kind of cycling old things into something new. (I'm actually procrastinating starting a new blog on that even as we speak!) I scrounge up potential project material from thrift stores all the time, old sweaters, cool looking dishes, fabrics... owl statues, whatever calls to my eclectic tastes. I've made new tops out of old dresses, cake stands out of plates and candlesticks, purses and pillows from sweaters, all kinds of things. Soon, I'll be trying this: a simple tutorial on turning a sweater into a cute shrug and skirt set from the awesomeness that is Threadbanger. You don't need tons of materials or great skill to do it, and look how cute that shrug is!

Awesome. OK, let's move along...

Urban Threads, Instructables member and crafting maven shows us how to make some kickin' boots out of an old sweater and a cheap pair of slip on flats. Clicky the linky under the pic to be magically whisked away to the tutorial! Click the other link to be just as magically whisked away to her page, where several other awesome DIY ideas await!

To make your boots, you'll need a big bulky sweater with nice large sleeves, some cheap flat shoes, a hot glue gun, and some buttons, as well as a sewing machine and a needle and thread. I machine embroidered my boots as well, but it's not necessary, just awesome :)

Yeah it is. 

Want cute leg warmers and hand warmers that require little to no sewing? Me too. Sayward Rebhal makes it easy as pie... only making a pie's not that easy, so it's easier than pie! You can even make fingerless gloves from a pair of socks! They're cute. They're simple. They're on my project list.

Don't mind a little sewing for some sweet leg wear? Kick it up a notch and fashion some spats! The embroidery step is a bit beyond my skills, but you don't have to do that. You could add an embroidered patch though, or a pin, or nothing, whatever you want! I LURVE the buttons down the sides, and they look pretty boss with tights. 

Hows about a cute bag, eh? Michelle Remmington shows us how to do it! This is pretty similar to one that I made, but mine had a front flap closure. It's really not hard at all, so don't be intimidated! If I can make it, you can make it! It's such a great wardrobe addition for fall, and the possible colors and patterns are pretty much endless thanks the the multitude of affordable, discarded sweaters!

I'm pretty sure I've featured this before, but whatever. It's worth a second look. It's stupidly easy and fabulously whimsical. Ruffles and Stuff gives an easy tutorial to make this adorable owl hat and scarf. It's great for a child... or a 30 year old that still acts like one, like myself. This scarf is fairly short, but just cut and add more material if you like a bit of length. I like a long scarf I can wrap around a few times and knot in all kinds of overly complicated patterns. 

I'm sure you're tired after all that crafting. I know I usually need to take a nap after the wild frenzy of a DIY project. However, before you fall out, take a few minutes and a few old sweaters to make some cozy pillows! The instructions via the link are pretty simple and easy to follow, or you can be like me, and totally wing it. Just buy a two dollar pillow from your local discount store,  cut a couple of eyeballed squares from your sweater, stitch them together, hope for the best, shove the fluff in there, sew it closed, and call it a day. (And FYI, my pillow is awesome.)

And that wraps up today's edition of The Crafter's Corner. There are still plenty of sweater related crafts out there just waiting to be created! We'll cover more on the next installment!

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