Friday, October 21, 2011

Costume Time!

This is Chris Wass. Chris Wass is a cool chica. Why you ask? Patience, patience... I'm getting there. Check out this costume, this homemade, hand-knit Wonder Woman costume. Knit! It's absolutely fantastic! With so many cookie cutter, cheaply made, kind of tramptastic costumes out there, I love the fact that she took the time to use her skills to make her own kickin' outfit. Check out the detail she's got in there, the bracelets, headband, crest, and those stars! Awesome. Also, yeah, she's a bigger girl daring to wear something tight-fitting and sexy. Bigger girls are beautiful, fun, inspiring, and creative too, deal with it.

Plus, she's cool enough to offer the customizable pattern on Ravelry. Not only that, but she made it to wear to Comic-Con, a giant comic book convention that's basically Nerdvana. I hope to make my own geek pilgrimage someday.

Monster Pants! If you've ever changed a dirty diaper, you already knew there was evil back there. This just shows it off in a more adorable way.  What a cute concept for kids pants... and it makes a handy little costume for your "little monster." Throw a silly, colorful hoodie with some googly eyes or horns on it, and you've got a costume! Wanna make them? Here's a comparable pattern.

Familiar with David Bowie? Familiar with his Ziggy Stardust character? If so, you totally get this costume and are pretty amazed at the knitted accuracy of it. If you're not, well, then this is probably pretty confusing and possibly frightening to you. It's definitely unique, and would be center stage at the right party!

Dr. Seuss had some characters, oh yes he did! They're perfect for costumes for you or your kid! A skein of red yarn, it's so easy to do. Just a few simple rows brings Thing 1 and Thing 2! On Halloween night when they go "Trick or Treat!" others will marvel at your neat knitting feat. "Will you provide some instructions?" you hurriedly ask. Of course, right away! That's my next blogging task! So here's a nice pattern for Seussical knits. Your Thing 1 and Thing 2 will be holiday hits!

That's right. I just did that.

My gosh, I'm tempted to write the rest of this post in rhyme. Be looking for that in a later post. Anyway, I'll restrain myself for now. 

I'm pretty sure this actually falls under the category "textile arts" and not "hilarious costume," but I'm filing it under "hilarious costume," mainly because of the laughter inducing inclusion of the huge boobs! Ha! Since most of the models in the costume ads had to purchase theirs separately, this'll really save time (and about $5000!) If you could manage to snatch it out of the gallery, I'm sure it'd make a splash (hehe) at any party.

She is selling the heck out of that sweater! Seriously.  "Buy this sweater or you're dead to me! DEAD!" At least, I think that's what her face is saying. I thought I'd end this post with a good old fashioned ugly/awesome sweater. Everything about this delights and amuses me, from the brick wall, to the shoulder-wrapping crescent moon, to the angry intensity of the model. It's all gold! I feel like Linus and Charlie brown should be wandering up to the brick wall any second to lament another year of The Great Pumpkin's absence. Also, I'm pretty sure those cats are suicidal.

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