Friday, September 23, 2011

Vanna Vear Some Lederhosen?

"Nein? NEIN! You vill vear das Lederhosen, ant you vill LIKE IT!"

If there's anything Lederhosen needed, it was to be made of multicolored yarn crocheted into multicolored stripes or granny squares... it's especially nice when paired with a bright purple or yellow turtleneck bodysuit. Seriously. Because those bad boys don't draw enough attention on their own.

Yeah, he's lovin' it. For only $6.00 American, you can make your child's face look like this little guy's... full of confusion, toddler angst, and parental mistrust! Not to mention the fact that a few years down the road, this little ensemble, safely tucked in the family album will be sure to scare off any of the "she's not good enough for you!" girls your precious Wilberforce brings home for dinner.

bluegirl knit
DAS KINDERHOSEN! This... is acceptable. It's hard to hate anything worn by an adorable baby. Plus, these look like they're pretty nicely crafted. You win this round Deutschland, you win this round. 

You can't let the hosen have all the fun! These socken have enough clout to carry any outfit. Just think of how they'd enhance your power pantsuit, bathing costume, or little black dress... they'll really make a statement! I'm not sure what that statement is, but you'll sure be makin' it!

Speaking of making a statement, little does more to make one than showing up with an accordion. Unless it's wearing some handicraft leg cuffs. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? These "Loferl" as I'm told they're called are apparently traditional leg wear in Germany? Well, I can't say I'm going to be sporting them with my suspender loving short-pants any time soon, but hey those patterns are awesome. I may not use them as leg gauntlets, but they'd make some nice cup cuffs for Starbuck's ridiculous Trenta size.

In all honesty, I think Lederhosen are awesome... they're harbingers of good things... Oktoberfest, hilarious dances, and men with German accents. The local Oktoberfest is actually getting underway this weekend, and I'm hoping to swing by for some Bratwürst und Bräu. I don't have any Lederhosen to wear, but maybe I'll find some strapping, young mensch who's rocking a pair. If so, well, fire up the accordion Fritz, we've got some dancing to do!

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