Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn, Fall, That season after Summer...

Welcome to an Autumnal explosion! First off, we've got Pumpkins, Pumpkins, PUMPKINS!
A thousand different textures and colors is the message of fall, and this sassy little thing pulls it off...because she's 3. All you crafty ladies reading this, jonesing for this look... put down the crochet needles and appliques and step away from the simplicity pattern. See that stern face and pointing finger? She's telling you, "NO!"

HOOT! HOOT! HOOTold you to wear that?  The sweater's not so bad, but paired with an owl head, well, that's making a bit too much of a statement for me. Unless, of course, you're looking for a quick Halloween costume, which I often am. The sweater looks a little hairy, and for some reason, the overall look and pose make me think of Hagrid from Harry Potter, but hey, that belt's pretty wicked. In all seriousness, check out this chick's blog. The girl's got a lot of gorgeous, vintage fashion, and I'm always a fan of that. Plus, she's got a lobster brooch I'm coveting a bit. However, and no offense random stranger from the internet, your photo stylings and peculiar blend of fashions, had me loling. "Ok, now take this one where I'm looking dreamily to the left!"

It's an etsy hat with a regretsy attitude!

 Handmade Spark
From the description: "Perfect for lady or very brave and funny lad!" Sure, it's perfect for a lad, you know, if it's for an ugly sweater party, or a laugh with your friends, or if you're a regular on "The Office." However, if you, in your devil may care lifestyle, decide to bust this puppy out on any given day of the week, no context, no explanation, be prepared for this face from passing strangers...

yeah. exactly.

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