Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

How lovely are your branches!

One thing about Christmas, it usually goes to your head. Of course, I didn't plan to mean that in the literal sense, but then, I came across these. Let me introduce you to the Christmas tree hat. It can be simple like what you see above, a lovely, let's say spruce, adorned with a single star...

...Or, there might be some tastefully added color as well, something demure. Perhaps those colors might be small ornaments or lights, delicately sprinkled amongst the foliage.
 ...And then there's this. 
I like to call this one the "Clark Griswold." I can almost hear him singing "JOOOOOY TO THE WOOOOORLD!" as he raises those two plugs above his head to bring light and wonder to the ever appreciative neighbors.

Merry Christmas Sparky.

Of course, lights alone don't make the tree...
To me, it's all about the decorations!

Still, just like a real tree, you want to make sure to choose one that's going to fit where you want to put it. 

 "You don't want to put it here." -Jingles the cat

 Anne's Food
"Depression hurts." At least, that's what I think this little kitty's face is telling me. It goes to prove my continual point about animals in clothes, kind of like a non-frightening rule 34. If it exists, an animal will eventually be forced to wear it. No exceptions.

Of course, if hats aren't your thing, you could just knit the whole freakin' tree.*

*Disclaimer- Ginormous knitted tree is not to be worn as a hat. You will inevitably crush yourself, which isn't going to bring tidings of comfort and joy as the kids rush downstairs on Christmas morning to "see what Santa left."

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