Thursday, November 18, 2010

What To Wear To Deathly Hallows...


I can't help myself. I love Harry Potter and all Potterphernalia. Most of these are fan made items, and that rocks my Ravenclaw socks off...well, it would if they were mine...just keep scrolling! 

 I want it.

I want it.

I want it.

 I want them.

Wizarding World Gifts
I want them.

I want it...and yes, would wear it.

Becky and Daniel
I want it...with an E. (Though Liz could work with L!)

I want it.

 the leaky cauldron
I want them.

I want live! :(
Oh Snape, I always trusted you!

I want them all! I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to the midnight premiere, which saddens me, but, a friend and I plan to go Friday night! I am so ready to see this movie. I don't have a Harry Potter sweater to wear, but having been to Hogwarts, I have a few shirts to choose from...(fyi, HP world is in Orlando is aaaaamazing!)


KJo said...

I've actually made that Dark Mark scarf for my sister, it was fun seeing it on your blog. Did you know that the image can only be seen at certain angles? I've been kind of working on designing Molly's sweater even though the book, Charmed Knits, has one. I just don't like theirs. (If you look it up on Amazon you can see a few of the projects) I've seen the socks and even the button-eyed owl sweater before, but I've never seen those first three sweaters. They're really awesome! Just one question, where's Hufflepuff (my house)? That's just not fair... I used to be a huge Harry Potter fan... Then I read the last book and watched the newer movies. I mean I even have some Hufflepuff dress robes, which you can see at (Okay, I'm done plugging now..)
Have you seen these, before? If you scroll down there are four portraits of Potter characters. Harry, Snape, Hagrid and Draco.
Thanks so much for sharing, I love your blog!


P.S. Thanks for censoring ;)

Elizabeth Douglas said...

The fact that you've made that scarf is awesome! I had no idea that you could only see the design from certain angles. That makes it even cooler. I bet your sister loves it! I would!!!

I think I actually picked the Charmed Knits book up at Books A Million one day, just browsing. I love all things HP related, and would love to be able to make some of the designs, but alas, I really don't have any knitting skills.(Let me know when you finish your Molly sweater and I'll feature you!)

Oh Hufflepuff, the underrated house! I tried to find the Badger sweater, but I couldn't find it on the knitter's site or google, but I know there is some cool Puff stuff out there. I'm jealous of your dress robes! :)

Those illusion pieces are really cool. I wasn't aware of such things until you pointed it out...I smell a future post!

Thanks so much for your awesome comment. I'm glad you enjoy the blog! :)


(You're welcome for the!)