Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Super. Thanks For Asking!

I wonder what kind of woman would wear this? Probably Kaby, pictured above, who made this awesome Wonder Woman inspired sweater.

missaprillynn's flickr
Man, here's another handmade gem that's just Super. Though I know it would increase the odds of getting sucked into a jet engine, I'd love to see this with a little knit cape...though I'd save that for 'evening wear.'

craft chick's flickr
Aw! Yeah, it's like winter in Metropolis.

The Green Lantern. I love the fact that this costume looks homemade...and I mean that as a compliment. I think it's awesome, from the knitted mask, right down to the matching Chuck Taylors. Oh, and that sweater, sure, it makes a great costume, but don't think for a moment I wouldn't wear that to the office if it was mine.

"In these I work to forge the link between childhood experience and an adult understanding of protection, masculinity, and heroism." -Artist Mark Newport. Check out the link for more of Mark's knit costumes. There's also a plethera of other comic book infused fiber art on his site. And finally, Mr. Newport, the fact that Mr. Fantastic's costume is so long is hilarious. Well played sir. Well played.

Can't decide on a favorite super? Split the difference like knitter Zach M! Zach and his gang at Men who Knit are proving that dudes can be just as creative as the ladies when it comes to crafting up some fine fibers.

Midnight Scribbles
But why settle for a paltry dynamic duo when you can have a whole Justice League? Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Supes, Wonder Woman, Bats, and the Green Lantern are all representing...The Flash and Aquaman are also included, though you can't see them in this shot. Here's the pattern if you want to make one yo'self.

Can't knit? Well, that's alright, there are still some pretty slick commercial wears out there, though you might have to hunt for them.

The Thrifty Knitter
This sweater looks like it was hit by a little kryptonite. However, the thrifty knitter Nikol plans to put it to rights. It's the American way. (Along with truth and justice...and apple pie. Who doesn't like pie? Lex Luthor, that's who.)
Vintage Bats. There is just so much about this sweater that I don't understand. Why is it yellow and red? Is it actually made for a woman? Because the cut makes me think so. Is Batman brooding or just constipated? Did Adam West approve this message?

If the Ketchup and Mustard number isn't making you think "WOW! BAM! POW!" then you might prefer the more subtle, classic approch of  the H&M Batman sweater. You'll find it in the little boy's section. So, if you, like the above girlchild, are cursed/blessed, depending on your point of view, with a petite frame, it can be yours as well.

Stay super everyone.

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