Monday, November 22, 2010

The High Cost of Fashion...

Now, from what I can gather by reading the description of this, it's a custom piece, and you can have one made specifically for your um, needs. Now, I'm certainly not impugning the skill it took to create...this, but the cost for this particular piece is $650.

Six hundred and fifty dollars.

 Six hundred? Fine, who would pass up that deal, but six fifty? Sir, you go too far! Oh well, if you have some insatiable need to have the Energizer bunny traveling through Mario world along with a disgruntled Gummi Bear and a pink...thing emblazoned on your chest, then I suppose no price is too high.

The Fader
"Well, it won't keep you warm, and the neck hole will actually allow your whole body to slip through it, causing embarrassing, if highly comical moments, but I promise you, it's the height of fashion."
I have no idea what either of these cost, but I will assume "too much."

 Fashion is Stupid
That pretty much covers my thoughts, and by the looks of his face, his too.

style blog via
You'll notice in that first photo that I've added a...uh, a "crotchular addition." You see, that particular pair of pants comes in 'anatomically correct,' and while that's all well and good, I don' t want to bother with any kind of mature ratings on the blog. Now, I suppose those pants would be alright if you were say, a Ken doll, but I don't think most guys want to go walking around with a fake set of dangly bits bopping around in front of them. What's the price for one of these gems? Your dignity.

Oh, and yeah, apparently all of that is manly high fashion. I know the one on the top right just makes my heart go all a twitter.

Anyway, if you must, click the link for the full Monty.

The Fashion Police
I like to call this one "December on Bourbon Street."  I suppose if it's a little too nipply, er, nippy outside you could still give the illusion of showing off the goods. You know, I'm thinking a specific pair of pants paired with this sweater could make for a really confusing outfit. Manoush says it can be yours for only £130. As far as the design? I will never believe this wasn't intentional. My only question is why they chose 'pancake on a nail' for placement?

...and that's all I got.

...except for this...which, I actually, really, really like.


Penelope Blackheart said...

Oh thank you. This made my week.

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Thanks! Glad it did! :)