Friday, September 17, 2010

What A Bunch of Skants...

So, I've not posted in over a year.

That is not awesome.
Not at all.

This so. many. horrible. ways...

Sweater Pants...'Skants'

The Urban Dictionary defines Skants as: When one takes a sweater or shirt, turns it upside down and wears it as pants. Legs go through the arm holes. Sewing up the neck hole is optional.

Taylor Lautner, I blame you. (I'm ignoring the Duran Duran comment.)

Joseph and the technicolor dream skants.

I don't believe this exists, but all I can think of is the term 'Birthing pants.' That's all I can see, birthing pants. Cant. unsee. it. (Although, I do truly love her 'look at my incredible angst and artistry' pose. )

Now, that second pair, it just looks like she had a massive blow out. Next time, don't go for the chili, sweetcheeks.

But hang on, let me get back to that first number. If you actually made that hoodie, I will give props to your skills. If however, you, as I assume, just put it on in such a fashion...let me offer you some assistance:



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