Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where's The Beef!?

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It's right here, between the er...fluffy buns. Artist Joy Kampia has crocheted up what might just be every man's fantasy...girls and cheeseburgers together at last! Give that girl a pitcher of beer and she'll have to beat them off with a stick!

Now, last I checked there was a startling trend towards childhood obesity in this country. So, is emblazoning a burger, fries, and big gulp on a sweater really the wisest thing to put on you kid? Well, I guess better on than in, eh? Still, I can hear it echoing from elementary schools across the country: "Lil' Johnny! Get that sweater out of you mouth!"

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Or you know, just cut out the middle man and go for bovine glory on the hoof. The sunflowers add a touch of country elegance don't you think?


chelly said...

that cow sweater is hurting my existence

Eric said...

I think these are quite possibly the ugliest sweaters I have ever seen. I can't imagine seeing a woman in a hamburger dress sweater. Crazy.