Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuff White People Like... sweaters! How do I know this? I've been told so on a site called "Stuff White People Like" Dash it all, it's true! I'm not going to fight it! Am I white? Check. Do I love sweaters? ( Check. Have I attended...and actually organized a Christmas sweater party with sweaters gleaned from my local thrift store? Check and check!


The sweater is an essential part of the white person wardrobe and it is a very good idea to familiarize yourself with all the different types of sweaters that are most popular with white people.

When you approach the subject from the perspective of age, it’s essential that you combine very young and very old white people in the same group. This is because young white people think it is very cool to wear clothes that are popular with senior citizens. The most popular example of this is the cardigan sweater, which is essentially a wool jacket with less buttons. An old white person might combine this sweater with a button down shirt to provide himself or herself with valuable warmth in the winter months, but a young white person will combine it with a t-shirt to create a ‘layered look.’ This not only allows them to show others that their personality features as many layers as their clothes, but it’s a chance to show people that you own not one but two cool items of clothing.

White women will also purchase many small, thin sweaters that they can wear in combination or on top of other clothes. Though you may think it would make more sense to just purchase a thicker sweater, these layers allow them to achieve maximum temperature control (see Scarves for more evidence of this phenomenon).

Moving up in thickness and age, one comes across the ‘ultra thick’ sweater. Though you will find these at Farmer’s Markets and Community Gardens throughout the country, they are most popular in the Pacific Northwest. These are often light brown or almost beige and weigh upwards of 10 pounds. When you a see a white person walk into a bar or coffee shop wearing one of these sweaters, you can tell the weight by how much they are sweating when they take it off.

White people also appreciate the irony of ugly sweaters that usually feature things like reindeer and snowmen. Though it seems unlikely, white people have even been able to turn this into a theme for parties. Typing in “ugly sweater party” into google will return a wealth of images and a dearth of diversity. However, there is one notable exception.

Regardless of the type of sweater, it is also good to be aware of the fact that finding a nice sweater at a thrift shop or goodwill is considered a major event in the life of a white person. Scoring a garment that makes it into the regular rotation for under $10 is a story that white people will tell for up to five years after it happens. Therefore, if you are seeking white friendship it is a good idea to do one of two things: You can either go to dozens of thrift shops in hopes of finding a dream sweater or you can buy a new one, remove the label and make up a story about how you found in a Goodwill in a bad neighborhood that “hadn’t been picked clean by hipsters.”

(Check out the front page for more sweater goodness.) Man, we white folk like a bunch of stuff! All you other white people, have a look and a laugh at yourself. All you folks who aren't white, drop by and laugh along with us, we're pretty ripe for comedy! ;)


carrie. said...

How do you know I'm white? My sister has, on several occasions, referred to me as "cardigan queen." haha.

Alena! said...

I dont own any sweaters, but I'm thinking this is a situation I am going to have to remedy. My problem with sweaters is that I think they make me look too busty and then my head looks too small...

Elizabeth Douglas said...

word Carrie.

Alena, you don't own any sweaters? Seriously? I can't even fathom that. LOL! I have a hoodie sweater on right now...under a regular hoodie. (I'm cold a lot apparently.) I guess it's all about finding the right sweater...maybe one with some kind of fantastic design along the bottom to draw eyes away from the boobage.

cookie dough said...

Alena is the queen of hoodies!
I am guilty of everything you wrote about. I need to order a new wardrobe!
Alena should be dressing like a boss soon??