Monday, February 9, 2009

Knitting, It's More Than Just Hilarious Sweaters...

So, like I said, there will of course, always be ugly sweaters here, especially around the holidays, but there's so much more in the handicraft world! Today, I think we'll get a lil' avant-garde and explore some more daring designs.

All images by SpattersandJayne

Ok, at first, I totally wasn't sold on this, but then the fact that I've been reading The Hobbit crept in and I thought, "hey, these are kind of middle earthy!" (Shut up! Yes, I'm a nerd, deal with it!) The huge,chunky knit; the ginormous, funky, wooden buttons; and the multi-functionality...from cowl, to hood, to cape, really grew on me! Perhaps I'll get one...they're kind of 'precious'...(hehehe, see what I did there?)

Image from "...little purls of wisdom."(clever!)

Man, talk about perfect for those bad hair days...especially the cold ones! Stylish do and hat all in one! Megan, the designer of this creation, dubbed the "Hallowig," (since it was created for Halloween, but hopefully the name tipped you off...) gives detailed instructions on duplicating this hair raising knitwear.

(Burka 2)(She only wanted boy-children) Now that's a onesie!

Images by Chrystl Rijkeboer

Speaking of hair, why not use a little in the actual knitting itself? Here we see "Twins" by Dutch Artist Chrystl Rijkeboer. She incorporates human hair into her work...which some might consider ugly, but you can't deny it'll stop you in a heartbeat! The subject matter of her work varies from the lighthearted to the politically charged.

Image from knitteroo

Yves Saint Laurent bridal wear circa 1965...

What bride wouldn't feel beautiful and..feminine? Not an ounce of symbolism in sir, not...a...bit. Although, for some reason, the groom said he felt...inadequate.

Image from google.

...of course, if none of those are your speed, there's always this. Even the collar mimics the little pig's tails...and trust me, if there's anything a woman wants to associate herself with, it's a pig. Oink!

(Also, I'm playing a bit with the background right now...since it's not Christmas anymore. Let me know if it sucks and you hate it...and by proxy, me. Thanks!)


Sally Ann said...

So... I actually think those first sweaters, the one's you said were Middle Earth-ly, are adorable. I would totally get one. :D

Elizabeth Douglas said...

As would I! I think they're pretty righteous actually. I love the greenish one especially! :)

Eric said...

I sort of like those first sweaters. They're not real practical, but I do like them. That piggy sweater is hilarious. How would anyone get married in something like that? Crazy.