Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Hooked! Crochet hooked that is!

Princess Seeker

I am part of a t-shirt design community known as Threadless, now, deep in the dark heart of threadless is a place called the blog...and in that blog, are topics that range from politics and religion, to bacon and tacos. Also, people post various works of art, allowing folks to see some truly inspiring talent. I know what you're thinking, "yeah, that's nice, but what does it have to do with sweaters, amazingly ugly sweaters?"

Very little actually, however, it has a lot to do with some of the most creative pieces I've ever seen come out of skein of yarn. I'd like to introduce you to *drum roll please...*


Chelly's work is nothing short of delightful. Her hats, scarves, and various creations are fun, whimsical pieces that exude a joyful spunkiness. Her crochet wearables are not only functional, they're FUNctional! Enough of me blabberin' on, here is just a small sampling of some of Chelly's stellar crocheted pieces ranging from adorable animals to friendly underpants!

Bunny Cap (Chelly assures the teeth do not impair vision!)

Bullcap and tailfront (That is some extraordinary detail work on that cow!)

Speed Racer! ( Imusthavethishat,becausethishatissoawesome!!Ohhhhhhh!)

Phil's XL Underwear Hat (brilliance.)

Nine Lives...(I'm pretty sure I actually squealed like a 9 year old girl when I saw this.)

Shifty Eyed Ninja (hahahaha!!!!!)

No Cable Cap (turn it off, put it on, and get outside!)

FNAscarf2 (bottoms up!)

Please check out Chelly's flickr for more examples of her fabulous work in her "yarns" set. When it seems like everything you see is so mass produced and cookie cutter, it's encouraging to see an artisan producing textiles with the brash individuality that these have. Many of her pieces are commissioned work, so if you like what you see, shoot her a flickr mail. I know I'm in some serious need of a tiger cap/scarf combo...I think I'll be paying a visit to my friendly neighborhood Chelly soon!


chelly said...

well, that's certainly ONE way to get some crochet goods outta me! this was so lovely, thank you lhiiz. and sketch up the tiger combo as you envision it and send that to me and i'll see what i can do for you. thank you thank you. that was so sweet.

Elizabeth Douglas said...

haha! Thanks Chelly, scrounging up goods certainly was not my reason for posting this! I've admired your work for a long time and it deserves to be shown. You've got a great bend on creative wear and I just wanted to showcase it on my semi-appropriate blog. LOL! I will however get to sketching!

carrie. said...

That dragon scarf is maybe the cutest thing ever. I covet!

Eric said...

These sweaters are funny. The dragon one is great. The hats are really funny as well.

Oxana said...

PLEASE share the pattern with us! I would love to try this but I am a beginner and wouldn't know where to begin without a pattern.