Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Valentine's Day has it's problems too...

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Valentines Day...a day for lovers, for sweet sentiments, kisses, hugs, and sexy attire...or you know, hideous knitwear. Whatever works for ya. Sure it's a while away, but there really is a fantastic assortment of goods...some knit with love in every stitch, some made for humor, some possibly influenced by spending a little time with Mary Jane...or one of her friends...

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Whoa! Kids, keep the "E" away from the knitting supplies OK? The pukiness of the color here coupled with the breastplate nature of the garish orange heart almost create the perfect combination of punky and horrible. Also, the puffy cap sleeves...why does this make me feel like 1996? I do kind of like the old school stereo and blue coral sculpture in the background though.

LinkImage from midnightglamour.com

Wow...just wow. There's a lot to absorb here. I think I need a moment. Someone's going to be ready for a date at the country club! Ok, ok, let's hit this one item at a time. Sequins...check, Cardigan style...check, Awkward sleeve length...check, Retina searing color...check and check, Open knit perfect for flashing a little "T"...check, Pants-less mannequin perfect for flashing a little "A"...*sigh* check. The pearls though were inspired...what saucy wasp would be seen without them?

Image from Craftzine.com
"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...1010111000101011010111010101011010101101010101..."
This sweater in process (in process...hehehe...) really brings out my inner nerd. I think I would probably wear the finished product...thus assuring my prospect of spending valentine's day alone.
Image from Max and Maude

When I was a kid, I remember thinking..."I love those chalky conversation hearts...I just wish I could cover my whole body with them in sweater form!" Actually, I never thought that, but if I had, this would have been absolutely perfect. Now, Max and Maude's Fine Clothing and Gifts for Children have some downright amazing...AMAZING sweaters there. I'm sure I'll be visiting frequently.

Image from Live Journal

Banjo here simply wonders "Why?"

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Eric said...

I actually like the first sweater, except for the color. The other sweaters are just bad. The dog looks cute though!