Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ain't No Party Like a Christmas Sweater Party...

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...'Cause a Christmas Sweater Party don't stop! You know, I think it's always wonderful to see a complete social pariah elevated to the level of much beloved ironic symbol. That's kind of what's happened with Christmas sweaters. As much as everyone seems to loathe them, as soon as you see one of those truly magnificent offenses of knitwear, you can't help but smile. It might be because the wearer is completely oblivious to their crimes of fashion as they go walking along in their light up, hand embellished, appliqued
wonder. It might be because they're actually perfectly aware of what they're doing. Either way, it makes your heart sing a little...admit it. We love these horrible creations so much that we actually celebrate them in a little ritual known as a "Bad Christmas Sweater Party!"

Oh, Santa baby, slip an invite under the tree for me! I've been an"good" girl...

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I'll say it's the next level! That's a real gem he's found there. The embroidered snow flakes, the candy cane striped piping and cheerful green color, that's masculine to the core and we all know nothing says Christmas like the disembodied heads of multiple Santa Clauses encircling your waist!

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Well done gentlemen, well done. The festive headgear really adds to the whole mystique of the sweaters. I must say though, that teddy bear on the blue Santa sweater appears pretty unhappy about the whole deal. Over all though...great jooo...wait a minute...HEY! Hey there, guy in the back...try to class it up next year OK? That may be an excited face, but I know a t-shirt with a long sleeve tee under it when I see one! This is a CHRISTMAS SWEATER party! Everyone else, I'm sure your Great Aunt Martha will be pleased to see you finally wore that sweater she knitted for you back in '89.

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I like how the "@" symbol looks like it's punching the star. I hope the sweaters themselves were as well put together as the invitation! I'm sure it was a remember.

Why, Jenny and I even participated in a Christmas sweater party this year. May I present, the classic "Look Away" shot a la Olan Mills style. I'd call it a huge success.

Image by Lyndly Kaetz, photoshop trickery by me.

Merry Christmas!

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Eric said...

I really like tacky sweaters parties. They're goofy, and everyone enjoys poking fun at each other. Good times.